Photography Classes' Notes - How did I start going pro in photography?

Photography is a plateau-able skill. Over time, you will know what's an F-Stop, apature, ISO, etc., is and there's no need to be hung up on it. I will teach these one at a time in the next posts, but today let's talk about how I took my first step going towards going pro. Now, I even discover my specializations in photography - luxury product photography.

My story started when I took some photos for my college's photography club gallery. When one of the viewers approach me that he wanted his headshots (I will talk about headshots genres in photography in later posts) to look exact like the photograph I took of my friend. I knew there's some way I can monetize my craft. When I said that I can do it for $20, the guy who asked pounced. And that's how I got started. 

I picked up this book on Freelance Photography from Amazon after the shoot. I felt that there's no way I can continue charging $20 for almost a day's worth of work. This book gave me an idea on the business side of photography. Each chapters are broken down to planning a photography business and  understanding the value of a photographic education to marketing and negotiating contracts. It's written by multiple authors and offers many different viewpoints toward a career in photography.

I recommend this book if you're planning on moving on to photography career. It's not going to be easy I tell you that much, but every little step you take on understanding your craft will make you be that much better than your competition.

Alright, that's all I got to say for now. Keep shooting and remember: I here to help.

Please leave me a comment on what's your greatest pain in learning photography.

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