Photography Classes' Notes - Photoshop, Photography, and Passion

While Lightroom and Elements are designed for Photographers. Photoshop opens doors for you to the creative industry. 

Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop today come hand-in-hand. There are no questions about it. When you're getting serious in photography, you will need to get serious about Photoshop. That means you also need a computer that's powerful enough to handle the program in addition to a Wacom tablet. There are other choices, such as Gimp.org and poorly made tablets, but if you plan on getting serious about photography to make a career out of it. Then, you will need to start practicing with Photoshop with a Wacom tablet as these tools are industry gold standard.


Photography Classes' Notes - Photography Contest and Thick Skin.

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about the importance of photography contest and how it helps you as a photographer.

The photo contest I recently entered was the PDN "Object of Desire" 2013 contest. I submitted my baby's photo I took when my family was on our way to a wedding. I usually do not see her in a nice dress, so I took some snaps of her. When I got home, I saw the PDN photo contest calling for submissions and I submitted this photo below as my entry for the category of "beloved". I saw the judging process of the contest, and I thought "why not?".