Photography Classes Lesson 1 - What is a camera?

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Beginner's Photography Classes' first lesson. What is a camera?

The word camera comes from the Latin word for Camera Obscura- a dark chamber. Since the world's first camera was a pin hole in a dark room.  The word camera is now stuck to our current lexicon.

A camera, in it's most basic parts, is just that a dark room that records light by two main devices, through a hole with a light sensitive surface on the opposite side. First is the light sensitive materials, be it film (analog) or sensor (digital). And second is the lens that organizes scatter light uniformly to the first device. From now on, we will focus on digital cameras on these lessons. Since the cost barrier of film, learning from the digital camera is much cheaper to make mistakes and learn from the mistakes than film cameras.

Do you have a camera at home? Do you know what kind of camera is it? Today's assignment is for you to learn more about your camera's model and make. You can do some research here at DPReview.com, and post your findings on the comment sections.

I'm Charlie Wang, signing off. See you on the next photography lesson!

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