Photography Classes' Notes - How to Become a Photographer (The Series)

Welcome to How to Become a Photographer the Series.

I got this idea from John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur On Fire podcasts. The idea was the last question that's part of his lightning round, when he asked his interviewee how they would start all over again in a new world, and that they have their skills, some cash and laptop. I modified the questions a little for photographers and started this series.


Photography Classes' Notes - To TFP or Not TFP, That's The Question.

Hello, everyone.

When you start to get better and better at photography, you will start to see the term TF* start to pop up here and there as an offer to you. Should you take this offer? What is TFP and TFCD anyway? Well sit tight, in today's post I will debunk some ideas floating around on the interweb about TFP, and why and why not you should take this offer.

TFP stands for "Time for Print". Traditionally it's a barter system between a photographer and model, where the photographer create prints for both parties' portfolio in trade for the model's time.


Photography Classes' Lesson 4 - Camera Control (part 1)

Camera Control (part 1)

This lesson took much longer than I had anticipated, so I am going to break it down to several mini-posts.

Getting started with handling your camera

To take beautiful photographs with your digital camera is to understand the basic functions of your camera. However, you're a creative person and all these technical nuances are stopping you from being the creative photographer you want to be. Right about now, the digital dSLR camera must look more complicated than it needs to be, but let me reassure you that this is by design for the future photographer you will be. The photographer who will require the quick dedicated buttons to respond to every situation. Functions that I will touch upon in this post.