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This is my new blog on teaching you the basics of photography. So you can take that camera off of the "P mode" and start photographing the world in the "M" mode.

If you're new here. Welcome!

If you look to your right, there are a list of my most popular posts. Above, the Table of Contents to help you navigate through the site's lesson.

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Who's writing this blog anyway?

I am! And I'm Charlie Wang, and I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years based in New York.  I specializes in product photography particularly in still-life and editorials. My work can be view here at www.wangcharles.com.

Rather than taking the traditional approach to photography at a school, I was completely self-taught. Now, this was 10 years ago and the internet was still different place than today. There were many days and nights I spent at the book stores and cafes reading and studying before I even bought my first camera. And through this process I learn many things about photography (almost too many things). And also things about myself and what made me push on. I did everything when I was still learning. Weddings, Events, Portraits, Commercials... you named I probably did it once. And that's how I got into still life product photography.

What I like to do with this blog is to pay it forward by teach you every important things I learn about the camera, and break down each thing into sections to 5 mins video. Then give shoot ideas for you to practice on. And someday, you will take that "P" to the "M".

Furthermore, I will talk about industry and genres in photography you can focus on (and even go pro).

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Thank you!

Charlie Wang

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