Photography Classes' Notes - Unglamorous Life of a Photographer

For many new aspiring photographers going off to college this September, I like to give a friendly reminder the life of a career photographer is not as glamorous as those you read or watch about. Not even close! So before you go in thinking that the lifestyle is going to be fabulous, consider yourself warned. If you're going to school that is... or learn online from the world’s top pro photographers!

Now that being said, welcome to the world of photography! I'm excited that you'll be on this journey as I have many, many moons ago. I compile a list of things that might help your journey. So here goes...

Photography Classes' Notes - 5 Lenses You Must Have for Canon EOS 7D (Guest Post)

5 Lenses You Must Have for Canon EOS 7D

5 Lenses You Must Have for Canon EOS 7D
Guest Post by Raphael Chieza

If you've got a Canon EOS 7D, you've either got the body only version or one of the 3 lens kits with either the EF-S 15-85mm lens, the EF-S 18-135mm lens or the EF 28-135mm lens. They are all decent options but you have to be honest that kit lenses are just not on the same par as most of the lenses you have to purchase separately. I will make one exception with that being the 24-105mm L lens that is sold with the Canon 5D Mark II but let's digress. Our pick for the 5 lenses you must have is balanced between quality and budget. Look to the end of you want to know what to get regardless of price.