Photography Classes Lesson 1 - What is a camera?

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Beginner's Photography Classes' first lesson. What is a camera?

The word camera comes from the Latin word for Camera Obscura- a dark chamber. Since the world's first camera was a pin hole in a dark room.  The word camera is now stuck to our current lexicon.


Photography Classes' Notes - How to prepare for your first paying photography job?

Hi everybody. It's Charlie Wang here.

So you're getting pretty good with your camera. You shot some "clients", friends and family members really, and you're getting encouraging feedback from everybody you've shot. And finally, it happens: You got yourself your first paying job. Whoa! Congrats! But you're worry...


Photography Classes' Notes - How did I start going pro in photography?

Photography is a plateau-able skill. Over time, you will know what's an F-Stop, apature, ISO, etc., is and there's no need to be hung up on it. I will teach these one at a time in the next posts, but today let's talk about how I took my first step going towards going pro. Now, I even discover my specializations in photography - luxury product photography.