Welcome to Beginner's Photography Classes - the blog about everything I would learn if I was to pick up photography, today.

Hello Everyone! I'm Charlie, and I've been a professional photographer for over 10 years.

The aim of the blog is to be the center of the most helpful information, and examples I can give on photography to get you all from "P" mode to "M" mode on your dSLR in quick digestible lessons on essential photography fundamentals of the camera; interview videos with professional photographers of different styles and genres.

Just like the name, I will post lessons on photography and focus on topics that matter to  new photographers and advanced hobbyist only. For more advanced photographer, I have written notes that target the business of photography from portfolio presentation to cost-of-doing-business. Should you ever wonder if taking the traditional path in photography. Neither by taking courses at an accredited university, or make a decision to self-teach yourself. This blog aims to be the best sources of information on for you.

This blog is written by one person, Charlie Wang (me!). And I would love for you to follow me on Google+. So you won't miss even one update. Click on the red button below.

What's in store for you are...

  • Photography Classes' Lessons on

  • Your fundamental to advanced camera functions.

    • How to handle your camera like a pro
    • How to shoot like a pro through breathing techniques; panning the camera; using 3-points of contact, and more.
    • Introduces you to different kinds of camera support - tripods, camera stands, mono-pods, etc.

  • Introductions of photography styles

    • Traditional genres like photo journalism, events, weddings, portraits, headshots, baby/children, etc. just to name a few.
    • Niche genres like light painting, long exposure, double exposure, infrared photography.

  • Composition basics

    • Rule of 3rd and horizon line.

  • Basic digital darkroom setups

    • Photoshop.
    • Wacom Tablets.
    • Computers and storage.
    • Online portfolio and presentation.

  • Focus on the career and business of photography

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So why you want to learn from me?

You don't! In fact, that's what I did. I was completely self-educated, when I knew full well I wanted to be a professional photographer. Those days were still "pre-internet", and YouTube was still pumping out, almost exclusively, funny cat videos... (and pirated movies). I stress on the "Pre" because today's internet is an incredible place to learn. There are even online college degrees from accredited universities, and no it's not Phoenix.

What I want to do with this blog is to be the center of information that I needed when I was self-educating to be a professional photographer. Just enough technical stuff that get you to function well on the field, and lots and lots Shooting! When I began, a professional photographer, Derrick Gomez, said to me to "stand in front of interesting things" to take "interesting photography". And that's what I did, and that is what I urge you to do.

Gwyneth says "Do come back now!"

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If you've read this far, I shall treat you to this video of my daughter when she was 4 months old. She will without doubt bring a smile to your face as it does for me =)

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