Photography Classes Lesson 3 - What is a lens?

Hello everybody. If you're new hereYou can go to Lessons to check out everything we covered so far. In this lessonwe'll be glancing over the basic things about the lens on the camera.

What is a lens?


Photography Classes' Notes: What is my photography's rate?

Hello everyone. Between lessons, I want to post little notes that matter to me when I was learning to be a photographer. I will be calling these post "Notes" and will properly link them in from my pages on top. Let's get started.

So things were looking great in my photo business. I started to hone in on what I specialized in and started getting some nice traction on my marketing side. Then it happened. People started asking for my rates, or my day rates. I panicked and didn't know what my customers will think if I send them my rates. I looked around from Craigslist to other photographer's sites whose work look similar to mine. They vary so much. I don't know how to start. If my rate is too high, the client might shop elsewhere, and if my rate is too low, my clients will come to expect that rate next time. How much do I charge?